Visited a sister today in the hospital. She has been a Jehovah witness for almost 40 years and you could still the glow in her eyes when you mentioned the name Jehovah. We read the daily textDo not be afraid. I will help you. Isa. 41:13. Jehovah purposed that his people proclaim the good news on an unprecedented scale in our day, and nothing can prevent him from accomplishing that purpose. Just as he delivered the ancient nation of Israel from Babylon, Jehovah has rescued his present-day servants from “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion. (Rev. 18:1-4) He has taught us for our own good, has blessed us with peace, and has helped us to impart his teaching to others. (Isa. 48:16-18) This does not mean that Jehovah exercises his foresight so that he knows and then influences every development on earth in order to advance the Kingdom-preaching work. Some conditions have favored our witnessing activity, but only with Jehovah’s help have we been able to endure such situations as persecution and other hardships that make it difficult to carry out our commission in this world that is lying in Satan’s power.—1 John 5:19. w15 2/15 4:2


Author: Becoming A Jehovah Witness

Looking to praise Jehovah in all I do

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